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4 min | fiction | Colour | 2021 | Released Synopsis As she strives to do her job in light of the pandemic, a doctor struggles with her neighbors who seek to turn her away from the building. Written and directed by Hanan Zeineldin Cinematographer & editor: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour Festivals Toronto Feedback Female Film

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22 minutes | Documentary | Colour | 2017 | Released on tv SYNOPSIS Ancient Egyptians were known for farming papyrus, which was an essential material for the manufacture of writing paper. The famous thick papyrus sheet was one of the mediums that were used to document the great Pharaonic civilization, however, papyrus cultivation has become

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70 minutes | Documentary | Colour | 2009 | Released SYNOPSIS Written and directed by four filmmakers from Egypt and Germany, this documentary explores the mentality and psychology of the adolescents through portraits of four teenagers from Egypt and Germany. The film tries to unveil the familial and social challenges that each protagonist faces on

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52 minutes | Documentary | Color and B&W | 2014 | Released on tv SYNOPSIS The film sheds a light on the Egyptian Nubian case through the story of a dispersed Nubian family. Um Mahgoub, an elderly Nubian woman, has three married children, each of them lives in a different city while she lives alone

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57 minutes | Documentary | Color | 2018 | Released on TV SYNOPSIS Coming from different destinations, four characters arrive in Cairo on the same morning, where each of them embarks on a journey that exposes one of the Egyptian third-class spheres: trains, hotels and movie-theaters. Screenwriter & Director: Ahmed Ismaiel Nour Story & Treatment:

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9 minutes | Fiction | Colour | 2024 | in post-production SYNOPSIS Set in Toronto, Canada, a new immigrant strives to find a place to pee in as he wanders the streets looking for a job. Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Ahmed Ismaiel Nour


10 min | Experimental | Color and B&W | Film & Video | 2019 | Released SYNOPSIS A visual depiction of the internal world of a traumatized Syrian refugee—a woman, former pianist and lover of colours—as she tries to evade the constant questions in her troubled mind. Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Ahmed Ismaiel

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17 minutes | Fiction | Colour and B&W | Film & Video | 2024 | in post-production SYNOPSIS A young Syrian woman-refugee gets married to an Egyptian old man through a marriage broker in Egypt. In his apartment, she tries to adapt to the new life, but the presence of another man makes it complicated.

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40 minutes | Documentary | Colour | 2008 | Released “…a surprising heart-winner…”  Chitra Kalyani / Daily News Egypt “Galabeya is an entertaining character study full of quirks and clever subtext that, surprisingly, refuses to judge its leading character.” Joseph Fahim / Daily News Egypt. SYNOPSIS Although he works in the biggest cultural center in

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70 minutes | Hybrid | Colour and B&W | 2013 | Released “A penetrating film shot with breathtaking lyricism- It is one of the best evocations on film of the recent events in Egypt and heralds a major new talent on the Egyptian scene”.  Deborah Young | The Hollywood reporter. “Ahmed Nour’s documentary blends live-action and

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